Experienced NHS director joins Health Navigator’s team

Mark England, NHS England/Improvement’s former deputy national director for elective and emergency care, has joined Health Navigator’s team in the capacity of Managing Director.

Formerly a member of Health Navigator’s advisory board, Mark was motivated to join full-time by the company’s potential, combining data science, digital skills, and clinical skills. It is an exciting time with the Nuffield-led Randomised Control Trial of our services showing strong evidence of improving lives, and reducing demand for urgent and emergency care services within the NHS. With over 15 years of experience in the public sector, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and long-standing NHS relationships to Health Navigator. Prior to his national role with the NHS, Mark was Managing Director of Bedfordshire Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care System (ICS), and Executive Director of Reengineering and Informatics at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

At NHS England/Improvement Mark until recently was responsible for the policy and strategy to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of NHS elective and emergency care services. Mark comes with proven experience of delivering NHS transformation programmes, and has a deep understanding of the potential of data and digitally enabled re-design from his time as an NHS Chief Information Officer, where he was involved in  building a Global Digital Exemplar.  As such, Mark is ideally placed to drive the expansion of Health Navigator’s offering to benefit even more patients across the UK, while delivering significant value to local health and care systems, and NHS organisations.

Dr Joachim Werr, Health Navigator’s Founder and CEO said “I’m delighted that such an experienced and well-connected NHS leader has decided to join our company.  Mark will play an instrumental role in further strengthening our role as an NHS long-term partner, transforming care for the 1% population which account for 50% of hospital bed days”.

Mark is excited to start this new chapter, which will see Health Navigator deployed in many more NHS settings, delivering real improvements to the lives of many more patients. “Health Navigator has proven capabilities, making a measurable difference to one of the most serious challenges facing the NHS: increasingly complex patients needing more proactive models of care. They are showing that using data science, and being intelligently proactive, can improve lives, and reduce unplanned demand. There is considerable potential to expand the Health Navigator service so that more patients and healthcare systems can benefit. It is good to be joining an already strong and capable team to take this forward” said Mark.

Mark England, Managing Director