Evidence-based intervention reducing unplanned hospital care by 30-50% while significantly increasing PROMs

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Our service:

Creates better quality of life for patients


Reduces burden on A&E and inpatient services


Uses health care resources more efficiently

Proactive Health Coaching (PHC) provides non-medical patient support to help patients understand their chronic conditions, plan their care, and navigate an often complex health care system.

By identifying those likely to seek future avoidable unplanned care, a coach is able to proactively support the patient. Support includes helping to stabilise their condition, feel more confident in managing their conditions and navigating the often complex health care system, thus reducing the risk of unplanned care.

Our model is evidence-based and grounded in scientific research, supported by several successful randomised trials.


The Swedish example


Swedish patients are estimated to have the need of a health coach


Swedish patients have had the support of a health coach


Care days have been prevented so far

The intervention is co-created and patient goal focused

First, we get to know the patient during a face-to-face meeting with a health coach, where we review the challenges the patient faces, agree on some shared goals, and make a plan for the future.

Over the next six to nine months, the coach and patient have regular contact as the patient continues to make progress. Over time, the patient becomes more confident about managing their own conditions and seeking the right care, at the right time.

By the end of their coaching program, most patients feel confident to continue independently. By this time, the risk of seeking avoidable unplanned medical care has decreased significantly.

The intervention is delivered in four phases

Patient Identification

Identification through a predictive model to ensure the right intervention, to the right patients, at the right time


Non-clinical telephone-based intervention to empower the patient and improve ordinary care – so that avoidable care can be proactively prevented

Evaluation / Monitoring

Continuous monitoring to ensure resource-efficient effort per patient


When patient is no longer in need of support a decision is jointly taken by patient and health coach to end contact

“The health coach has been a constant throughout my ordeal while other health care contacts have consistently changed”

– York patient with health coach support

Proactive Health Coaching helps increasingly stressed health care systems

We know that receiving the right care, at the right time is crucial to effective care, but navigating a highly complex health care system can often leave patients feeling overwhelmed or under treated, leading to repeated unplanned hospital visits or admissions. The stress on the system is apparent within emergency departments in the UK that are under increasing pressure as visitor numbers continue to rise.

But reports show that a lot of the health care we provide is avoidable. What’s more, the vast majority of resources end up funneling to a small number of people. Health Navigator provides an evidence-based solution through non-medical, intensive, short-term coaching for patients with diverse and often complex health needs. Coaching results in reduced costs for this care heavy group and frees up much needed acute resources.








Proactive Health Coaching helps patients

When you have a chronic disease it can be difficult to know how best to manage it, and having multiple conditions can become overwhelming. While the NHS offers a number of high-quality services, coordinating visits and having access to the right services when you need them can be a challenge.

At Health Navigator, we have experienced nurses working as health coaches who provide the support needed to understand health conditions, plan care, and enable patients to become more confident in managing their individual health needs.

Since 2010, the Proactive Health Coaching service has helped over 15,000 patients to achieve better health, with ninety percent reporting that their health coach has improved their quality of life.


Collaboration with Nuffield Trust

Proactive Health Coaching is being delivered together with various CCG partners in England, and will be evaluated by the Nuffield Trust on a yearly basis.

“I hope the service will scale up soon. We needed you recently”

– Health Watch reference group