East Kent NHS analytics team wins Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts award for work on assessing AI-guided urgent care prevention project

Health Navigator congratulates the brilliant NHS analytics team from East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust for winning the Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts “Team of the Year” annual Dolphin award.     

The team, led by East Kent NHS Chief Analytical Officer Marc Farr, received the distinction for their work in assessing the impact of the Health Navigator AI-guided health coaching intervention. “Health Navigator combines AI with nurse-led patient coaching to predict and prevent avoidable urgent and emergency care. Assessing the impact of our intervention at patient and system level is of the greatest importance. We are grateful to this team for this excellent work” said Joachim Werr, Health Navigator CEO.  

East Kent NHS has been part of a Health Navigator multicentre randomised trial, along with 6 more NHS acute trusts, led by the Nuffield Trust. The trial, that has recruited some 1,700 patients to date, is all about evidencing the impact AI-guided health coaching can bring to patient outcomes and urgent and emergency care consumption.  

The East Kent team demonstrated elegant, advanced analytical abilities evidencing that the intervention achieved up to 32% reduction in non-elective admissions compared to control, a cost saving per patient per year that reached £1,300 and even impact on patient survival. The team’s analytical approach included semi-markov modelling, multi-state modelling, hazard ratio calculations and ICER analyses. 

Results were summarised in a research poster and are currently being prepared for publication.

The team in East Kent comprises of:  

  • Marc Farr – Chief Analytical Officer  
  • Lisa Barclay – Head of Local Care, Ashford CCG 
  • Thomas Lovegrove – Strategic Development Manager & Information Lead 
  • Bartlomiej Arendarczyk – Information Analyst
  • Tim Jones – Principal Information Analyst for Strategic Development