A year of growth for 3rd generation healthcare company Health Navigator Ltd

The Health Navigator team at our Oxford summit.

Predicting and Preventing Avoidable Urgent and Emergency Care: A year of growth for 3rd generation healthcare company Health Navigator Ltd

25-35% of urgent and emergency care (UEC) is avoidable, costing the NHS some £6bn annually. Health Navigator predicts and prevents this avoidable UEC by combining the power of predictive analytics and AI with nurse-led health coaching. With revenue up by 250% in 10 months and 10 new jobs, this has been a year of strong growth. Here are some reflections on the journey to date.

Health Navigator, a DigitalHealth.London accelerator cohort 3 company, combines digital health and predictive analytics with patient-centric health coaching. The business focuses on the 1% of most vulnerable patients that account for up to 35% of A&E attendances and 50% of unplanned bed days. Delivered by registered nurses and healthcare professionals, the company’s Proactive Health Coaching rapidly stabilises patients with complex conditions and empowers them to take control. The result is increased quality of life and reduced need for unplanned hospital care.

“Often digital health and analytics solutions focus only on problem identification, quantification or prediction. Combining the power of AI with an evidence-based intervention capable of impacting population health is what third-generation healthcare is all about. That’s exactly what we are doing” said Health Navigator founder and CEO Dr Joachim Werr.

Having completed a 12,000 patient randomised controlled trial (RCT) in Sweden, Health Navigator established itself in the UK in 2015. The first goal of the business was to replicate its evidence in an NHS environment, and so entered into a 3,000 NIHR-registered patient RCT with the Nuffield Trust.

A couple of years on, the evidence of benefits across patient reported outcomes, urgent care reduction, cost savings, and even mortality, is strong. Results demonstrate improved survival, an up to 59% reduction in unplanned admissions, 52% reduction in A&E attendances, up to 33% improvement in patient activation and cost savings that can reach some £2,900 per patient per year.

With this NHS evidence in hand, Health Navigator is now shifting from being focused primarily on research and evidence-collection, to becoming a fully-fledged healthcare service provider.

Currently operating across 7 acute NHS trusts and 9 CCGs, revenue has grown by some 250% in the last 10 months. This has included a 1,800 patient contract in Vale of York, following on from a successful trial completion with Vale of York CCG.

The number of Health Navigator staff has grown by some 30% in 2018-2019, creating 10 new jobs in less than a year and reaching 30 in total. This includes expansion of the London C-team and new health teams across its deployments.

The London team now includes a Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Innovation & Business Officer, who were recently joined by a CIO. The backgrounds of the C-team include a 1,500-staff social care provider, NHS digital health innovation delivery, partnerships, business development, NHS data analytics, and software development. The team includes an ED physician, registered nurse, and 3 PhD academics with healthcare backgrounds.

A core focus for the business is the strengthening of internal data science and AI capabilities. This is further supported by a senior data scientist recently joining the team from the CQC.

As the company enters profitability this year, all growth remains organic with no external investment. Health Navigator thanks the Digital Health.London Accelerator for a year of productive collaboration.