Digital solutions for health care enabling increased patient participation and security

Innovative Digital Solutions

Health Navigator has developed a number of digital solutions based on understanding the need for well-functioning communication between patients and health care providers, and the need for better patient support systems.

Smart digital solutions are at the core of all our patient-oriented services, but we also work with independent stand-alone projects designing and implementing digital solutions for health care providers and patients.

We develop digital health support tools for patients

Health Navigator has several products within digital health, which are directed towards health care professionals, patients and the general public.

We have developed a platform and associated app for patients to facilitate greater patient involvement in the treatment process and for the patient to feel more equipped to cope with their health plan. The app for patients is linked to the patient’s various caregivers and can be integrated with most existing electronic health systems.

Today, our platform is used primarily for improving cancer care and is being evaluated for multiple other patient groups in several randomised studies.

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Patients experience increased security and the ability to manage symptoms

Our digital health support facilitates patient involvement and can be easily adapted to different patient groups and health care processes. Ongoing studies show that patients experience an increased ability to self-manage symptoms and administer self-care. Particularly appreciated aspects to the platform include the interactive components and assistance in communication between patients and their health professionals.

Our platform for patient participation is developed in line with current standards and regulations and meets the Medical Products Agency requirements for medical devices